The Ultimate Guide to 

B&W Edition


What you need to develop film at home: 

Rodinal, Ilfostop, and Rapid Fixer

Patterson Developing Tank

50ml Graduated Cylinder, 500ml Beaker 

2x 1L glass storage bottles 

Something to hold the film ( and Negative preservers


Turn out the lights Load your film into the Paterson tank

 (With the lights back on) 1. 200ml Rapid Fixer with       800ml water in a 1L bottle. 2. 50ml Ilfostop with 950ml      water in a 1L bottle. 3. 10ml Rodinal in 490ml of      water. Let stand in 500ml      beaker

Mix your chems

Step One

Developing your film

1. Set your timer for the time on the Massive Dev Chart.  2. Pour the developer from the beaker into the tank and agitate (next page) for one minute.   3. Tap the tank on the countertop or desk to remove air bubbles bubbles. 4. Developer cannot be reused. Dispose developer after use.

How to develop:

Next: Learn to agitate film


Invert and rotate the tank 4x in different directions, then tap the tank onto a hard surface to dislodge bubbles

How to agitate

Agitate for the first minute,  then 4x every minute.