5 ways to reduce the environmental impact of film

By Daren at Learnfilm.photography These 5 simple tricks you can use at home today to make film developing more eco friendly.

Step 2 Use the Ilford Washing Method

If you read about washing on the internet, you've probably found it's essential to wash film in running water for 20 minutes! Ilford revolutionized film washing with a simple, 3-step process. 

Step 3 Use Neutral Fixer to skip the Stop Bath

Neutral fixers like those produced by Sprint and Eco Pro don't require a stop bath step to maintain the the fixer's life. That means you'll be able use less water throughout the entire process! 

Step 4 Store dev chems properly

Developers and fixers are reducing agents, meaning they react with oxygen. When that happens, they'll quickly lose their effectiveness. Storing your film development chemicals the right way will save money and the environmental cost of these products.