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Building Community, and teaching Eco-Friendly Film and Print Development

There’s a joy with film photography that just can’t be replicated with digital cameras. It’s not just the colour or the feeling of film that keeps us coming back to analogue photography. But it’s the tangibility of the medium, the fact that this is a process made and changed simply by the way we interact with it. Digital imagery can be copied, printed, and published millions of times over, but a negative is a unique, 1-of-a-kind object that could not be recreated by anyone else. Seeing an image appear before you in the darkroom is akin to magic, and we want to share that with as many people as possible.

In our day to day lives, we’re both photographers living in completely different worlds. Daren focuses on weddings, nature, and landscapes through his business St. Laurent Photography, while Jibril creates fashion, music, and iconic portraits all on film. We both use different tools and have learned how to shoot, develop, scan, print, and edit together. Combined, we’ve worked with every format, from instant to 8×10 photography.

A Verified, Up-to-Date Source of Information

The Internet is absolutely rife with misinformation. But there are still plenty of trustworthy voices out there with some amazing resources, tools, and techniques. Learn Film Photography is going to bring all our tried, tested, and true methods we’ve used to create our favorite film results. We’ve made just about every mistake in the book, but sucking at something is the first step towards getting kinda good at something, right?

We’re creating tools and advice for eco-conscious film development and printing methods. And we’re publishing inspiration from the best photographers, professionals, and enthusiasts keeping film alive.  If you’ve got a story, we want to hear about it! Send a PM to our Instagram, or join us on Facebook. Another way you can help us out is to support us on Ko-Fi!

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