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A photo of a woman holding a Yashica Mat 124
This is my first ever film camera, the Yashica Mat – 124. I used it for years and took it around the world before it gave up the ghost in 2020. RIP, my good friend.

We tried digital once.
But it didn’t work out.

We started out as journalists and fell in love with film back when it all started to die off. Since it’s hard to find good information online, we’ve had to learn it all the hard way. Now we’re dedicated to becoming the best, fastest-growing film photography blog on the Internet, so nobody has to learn the magic of film the way we had to!

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Learn how to get the best results when shooting film. Our favorite film stocks, books, cameras, lenses, and inspiration.


Tried and true guides to developing film. From using the right developing chems to the tools and techniques that make film unique.

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Darkroom setups, tips and tricks, scanning, and alternative processes that’ll make your images stand out on Instagram

Is Kodak Okay?

Kodak’s profit margin is less than a gas station right now. Just how close is the company to going bankrupt in 2023?

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