Is Fuji Pro 400H gone forever? Final shipment coming, local retailer says

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Fans of Fuji Pro400H may not be totally out of luck. According to Leo’s Camera in Vancouver, one final shipment of Fuji Pro400H in 120 format is expected to make it to North America before the end of summer. 

Fans of the film, and resellers will once again have a limited chance to pick up the film that was initially discontinued on January 14, 2021. The manufacturer surprised photographers around the world with its announcement, as this was one of the best selling films in their lineup, and the only professional-grade color negative film. Fuji’s reason for discontinuing the film was because of rising materials costs for the film’s fourth layer. 

“As it has become increasingly difficult to procure the raw materials needed to produce PRO 400H, we regret to inform you that after careful consideration, Fujifilm has made the difficult business decision to discontinue PRO 400H,” The Fuji press release said. 

“Based on recent customer demand, we anticipate that we will be able to allocate PRO 400H 120 film through the end of 2021.The production and sale of PRO 400H 135 will cease immediately, January 14, 2021.”

The film is famous for having a perfectly neutral tone, and more accurately representing darker skin tones than Kodak color film. Here’s YouTuber Ribsy’s take on the film, and why it’s going to be missed. 

Fuji’s announcement noted that there would be one last round of 120-format Fuji Pro400H that would make it to market. And as per the camera store operator, that shipment still has yet to arrive, and that the store would be taking names to distribute the film evenly. 

He said that the supply of Pro400H was delayed because of the Suez Canal blockage back in March, when a supply ship called the Ever Given was blown into the side of the canal, and blocked its usage for six days.

The blockage resulted in thousands of ships being unable to pass through the canal, backing up global trade between continents for months. The delays are much longer than anticipated because of the Suez blockage combined with a shortage of shipping containers in Asia.

But if you’re a film photographer missing the look of Fuji Pro400H, these shortages are actually great news, because the remaining supply isn’t just in the hands of expensive resellers charging as much as $40 USD + shipping for a single roll on eBay. There is actually more to come to the market. Although, we still don’t know at what cost. 

The Leo’s Camera operator said that the total film from the shipments will likely arrive in smaller shipments, meaning the North American supply could trickle in slowly. That means the best way to ensure you’re able to get your hands on some of the remaining supply will be to go to your local camera store and ask if they’re taking pre-orders on the film. Every store will know approximately how many rolls they’ll receive in total, and likely already have lists of customers waiting for the stock to arrive.

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